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Get acquainted with the team that forms the heartbeat of Content by Clarice. Fueled by a passion for creation and connection, we are excited to collaborate with you to turn the wedding content of your dreams into a reality!

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Owner, lead content creator

Determined to offer couples an unparalleled experience, Claire set forth on the exhilarating venture of launching Content by Clarice. Her mission? To provide top-notch service and create unforgettable moments for each and every couple she has the pleasure of working with. Being an extrovert, Claire is a people-person at her core and thrives off of cultivating meaningful relationships. She is always eager to connect with her couples, clients, and colleagues. On a personal note, she's a proud dog mom of three, a cherished friend to many, and an unabashed Hallmark movie enthusiast. Beyond the world of weddings, she finds joy in travel adventures, hosting lively gatherings, attending concerts, trying new restaurants, and staying on top of the latest wedding trends via numerous hours of scrolling on Tik Tok and Instagram.

  • Claire earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre, and brings that celebratory, enthusiastic energy into every wedding

  • Claire does NOT enjoy coffee but will always opt for tea, Diet Coke, or an energy drink – that's her secret to staying charged

  • Claire previously worked in wedding coordination before diving into wedding content

  • Although Claire loves to travel far and wide, she really is a Texas girl at heart

Fun facts:

Claire's Portfolio

"I would hire Claire 100x over again. When she first called I didn’t even really know what all a content creator did. She explained everything and the thought of not having huge cameras following us all day was what really sold me at first. Then I saw her content. She’s amazing at what she does and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She made the process a breeze and having all the raw footage easily accessible on my phone to share with friends and family has been the best thing ever. Every time I watch a video from that day I truly can’t stop smiling. Hire Claire! You will never ever regret it!!!"

Katie & Spencer

"I am absolutely thrilled to write this glowing five-star review for our phenomenal Content Creator, Clarice! From start to finish, she exceeded all expectations in capturing the magic of our wedding day. Every special moment was meticulously documented, ensuring that we'll cherish these memories for a lifetime. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craft are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking to capture the essence of their special day. Thank you for immortalizing our memories in such a breathtaking way!"

Gilda & Alex

"If you are lucky enough for Claire and her team to be free on your wedding date, book them now!! I’m an old and didn’t understand what a content creator was when my wedding planner recommended Content By Clarice, but I didn’t want a full videographer and thought it sounded like a good alternative so I went with it and—I can’t emphasize this enough—it was one of the best wedding decisions I made!!! They get you the pics/videos really quickly and it was so fun to see everything. They know the angles and the content you want, even if you don’t know yourself. I’m SO glad we booked them!!"

Erin & Ben

“My Husband and I are SO grateful to have hired Content by Clarice! She and her team went above and beyond to ensure that we had all the details captured that we were hoping for and even accommodated a few special requests that we had. It was the most special thing to receive the content within 24 hours and relive the best day of our lives on our honeymoon. I would (and have!) recommend this vendor to friends. So grateful we made the decision to hire her team.”

Melissa & Selvin

  • Elijah is a coffee connoisseur & master of latte art

  • Coming from a large family with 5 siblings, Elijah is used to lively, energetic gatherings

  • Elijah used to live in Hawaii 

  • Always the life of the party, Elijah’s favorite pastime is impulsively booking flights and buying concert tickets

  • Elijah and Claire have been best friends since childhood

Fun facts:


 content creator

As early as he can remember, Elijah has loved capturing moments and memories of the people around him. Needless to say, that love has not faded, and it drives his creativity behind the camera with Content By Clarice. With a full-time position in the healthcare world, he has honed his dedication to detail and organizational skills that keep him busy on weekdays. Apart from his 8-5 job, one of his recent hobbies is learning to become a licensed pilot. Flying sparks his adventurous spirit, which pairs well with his deep love for traveling around the globe. Elijah says that travel has given him unique perspectives on life, love, and cultures worldwide. The combination of professional rigor and wanderlust fuels his passion for crafting wedding content that mirrors your unique story and the biggest adventure of all — marriage.

Elijah's Portfolio

"I cannot recommend Content By Clarice enough! Claire and Elijah have a gift and they are creating lifelong memories for so many couples! I was on the fence of Videographer/Content Creation do I do one or both? After talking with Claire I knew we were in good hands with her! One of my main concerns was having full videos of the ceremony, speeches, and dances, and she said no problem and shot it all for us! Not to mention she is Texas based and was so down to fly across the country to North Carolina for us! Both Claire and Elijah are so clearly passionate about what they do. You spend a lot of time with your Content Creator and Photographer the day of your wedding and they were an absolute joy to spend the day with! They were present to capture every last detail without feeling overwhelming being filmed all day. They are so full of joy and the love they have for their job is so evident in the work they do. All of the unedited footage was delivered to us so quickly, but the greatest gift was the full recap video she made us just 4 days after the wedding that my husband and I got to watch on our honeymoon and cry all over again."

Caitlyn & Danny

"Elijah with Content by Clarice did such an amazing job of capturing our day. We were on the fence about a videographer and when I looked in to content creation I knew this is was right up our alley. We have so many videos and images to look back on in small bite size clips to share with our friends and family and post on our socials. I seriously cannot get enough of the content we received. Elijah was so good at listening to what we were envisioning to be captured as well as song choices for the video edits. Everything came together beautifully and now we have tons of footage to look back on. If you're thinking of adding a content creator to your vendor list, I highly recommend it and book with content by Clarice. Between Claire and Elijah our day was perfectly captured."

Claire & Kayla

"Honestly, if you’re on the fence about getting a content creator just do it. Trust me. We super last minute decided to book content by Clarice and it was the best decision ever. Our actual Photographer was incredible but capturing the little moments on video and allowing everyone to keep their phones in their bags while we just embraced the fun was perfection. Elijah was so chill and easy to work with and they captured the exact vision I hoped for. These will be forever memories for us and worth every penny."

Casey & Stuart

"Our experience with Content by Clarice was AMAZING! Elijah felt like an extension of our wedding party and blended in seamlessly with our other vendors. I am thrilled we booked this service to have video, additional photography, and amazing reels to commemorate our special day. We booked last minute (week of the wedding) and Clarice made it happen. 10/10 would recommend!"

Jess & Chase

Mollie's Portfolio

Fun facts:


 content creator

Mollie is one of many passions! She’s been in the social media and content creation world for over 5 years, and soon after she got married in February of 2023 she decided to take her skills and pursue wedding content creation. She loves being a true ‘fly on the wall’ when taking content, ensuring she’s capturing all your special moments with her aesthetic and creative eye with you hardly knowing she’s there. In her free time, Mollie also enjoys traveling, taking reformer pilates classes, exploring new restaurants and coffee shops around Austin, playing golf, and thrifting. With her outgoing and care-free personality, she will surely be your go-to gal on your wedding day to hype you up and make sure the biggest and littlest moments of your day are never forgotten.

  • Mollie worked as a Registered Dietitian and personal trainer for the first 5 years of her career.

  • Overwhelmed by the beauty and culture, Mollie’s favorite part of the world to visit time and time again is Europe.

  • If there is an espresso martini on the menu, you can guarantee Mollie is ordering it.

  • Mollie has been a vegetarian for over 10 years.

  • Mollie and her husband always dreamed of having a destination wedding. They got married in February of 2023, in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

"Content creation for weddings is so new, but Content By Clarice made the biggest difference to my day. Capturing the candid moments was of the greatest importance to me. The fact that we got the videos the next day, that I could send the ceremony in such high quality to those who couldn't make it to the day, and that I could get such high quality images the very next day by taking screenshots is honestly WILD. I have re-watched our speeches so many times and am so grateful that they suggested putting mics on people so the sound is crisp and clear. Our content creator on the day was Mollie, and she was the BEST. The perfect mix of being highly professional and ensuring every moment was captured, but also joining in when my sister dragged her into the conga line ;). Mollie's eye set up some of my favorite shots of the day, and she was an all round delight to be with."

Mara & Connor

"We had such an amazing experience with Content by Clarice! We worked with Mollie for our day of coverage, and she was extremely professional and easy to work with. Our unedited footage came back the next day, and we received multiple beautiful highlight videos 2 weeks later. We used this service as an adjunct to our photographer to ensure we fully captured the little moments of our day. Highly recommend!"

Danielle & Matt

Claire and her team were such a joy to work with. Mollie did an amazing job day of and the final product turned out fantastic. They have a really good price point for awesome videos we’ll enjoy forever. :)

Kelli & Caleb


Is wedding content creation a replacement for traditional photography & videography? 

Wedding content creation complements, rather than replaces, traditional photography and videography. Each element serves a unique purpose on your special day. Your photographer will deliver exquisite photos that will end up hanging on your wall and capturing formal portraits with your family for your album. Meanwhile, your videographer will craft a cinematic highlight film for you and your spouse to view on your anniversary and share with future generations. As your content creator, we capture the essence of your wedding day through iPhones, preserving moments to reminisce on and enjoy the laughter and love of funny, heartfelt moments.

While we recognize that not every couple opts for videography, we are happy to step into the videographer role by recording audio, your full ceremony, toasts, and dances, providing a comprehensive video experience. Although content creation isn't a direct substitute for a videographer, we understand that some couples may choose it instead, and we strive to ensure you have ample video content to relive your day. It's important to note that having a photographer booking is a prerequisite for our services. We don't orchestrate group family shots, create photo timelines, or follow shot lists.

How will we receive the content?

You will receive all the content through Dropbox. Once we send you the link, you can easily download the files to your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Is there a limit to how much raw content we will receive?

There is no restriction on the extent of coverage you'll receive! Depending on the duration of your booked coverage, anticipate receiving between 300 and 600 files. It's crucial to understand that we prioritize video content. While we do include photos in your coverage, approximately 80% of the files you receive will be in video format!

How do you collaborate with the photo & video teams? 

We collaborate seamlessly with your photo and video teams through open communication. We engage in discussions with them to determine optimal locations for us to stand, ensuring we remain unobtrusive and avoid appearing in any of their shots.

Can you capture specific requests?

Certainly! Wedding content creation is never a one-size-fits-all endeavor. We take the time during our planning meeting to tailor our approach, ensuring that all your specific requests are not only heard but also met. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, your love story, and how to best support you on your big day.

Are you LGBTQ+ inclusive?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to serving ALL couples. LBGTQ+ couples are welcomed with open arms.

Based in Texas, 

ready to travel!

With our team based in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio, we serve all of Texas and are always ready to travel! Destination wedding in the Bahamas? Let's go! 

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